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Минисервер Go (Miniserver Go)


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Самый гибкий вариант автоматизации зданий: Miniserver Go — идеальный вариант для модернизации и ремонта. Он предлагает впечатляющую функциональность и производительность для умных домов, коммерческих помещений и нестандартных решений. Идеально подходит для специалистов по переоборудованию и ремонту

  • Loxone Air (до 128 устройств Air)
  • Loxone Link (до 30 расширений)
  • LAN (с поддержкой IPv4, IPv6, HTTPS / SSL)
  • Поддержка удаленного подключения (обеспечивает удаленный доступ с необходимостью переадресации портов)
  • Электропитание: 5VDC (через разъем Micro USB)
  • Компактный дизайн для настенного монтажа
  • Размеры: 90 x 90 x 20 mm
  • Операционная система Loxone OS со встроенным веб-сервером
  • Полностью интегрированное Air Base Extension (Расширение Минисервера для поддержки радиоустройств) ​​с  внутренней антенной
  • Радиочастоты: 868МГц (SRD Band Europe) / 915Мгц (ISM Band Region 2)
  • Простое в использовании программное обеспечение для конфигурации
  • Программное обеспечение для работы на ПК, в браузере и на мобильных устройствах
  • Порт -LAN
  • Слот для карты Micro SD (до 16 ГБ)
  • Низкое энергопотребление: около 1,3 Вт
  • Встроенная сеть Loxone
  • Встроенный микропроцессор и память
  • Автономный — не требуется дополнительный сервер или оборудование
  • Класс защиты:IP20
  • Допустимая для работы температура окружающей среды : 0 … +40°C
  • Максимальная относительная влажность 95% (без конденсации)
  • Запас хода внутренних часов на случай отключения электроэнергии 64 часа

Техническая спецификация

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Presence Sensor


A Presence Sensor is one of the most important sensors in any Loxone project.

  • Reliably detects movement & presence
  • High detection range with a detection angle of 360° horizontally and 110° vertically
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Integrated acoustic sensor
  • Available in White & Anthracite
  • Available as flush-mounted or on-ceiling 

LED Ceiling Light


With its built-in motion & brightness sensors, the LED Ceiling Light is a powerful all-rounder that can fulfil the requirement of smart lighting.

  • Timeless design housing the latest technology
  • High lumen output
  • Uniform spread of light with diffuser
  • Smooth, gentle dimming curve
  • Available in White or Anthracite

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NFC Code Touch


The perfect access control solution. The NFC Code Touch is ideal for control of your door, gate, garage and alarm.

  • Sleek & modern design
  • Access via unique codes for all users
  • Access via NFC (NFC Code Touch Air requires 24V power supply for NFC reader)
  • Issue schedule-based or one-time codes
  • Available in Tree & Air
  • Available in White & Anthracite 

Alarm Siren


The must-have addition for comprehensive, reliable burglary protection.

  • Loud alarm tone
  • Bright flashing light
  • Tamper protection
  • Visual warning
  • Quick & easy installation

Valve Actuator

The Loxone Valve Actuator enables intelligent heating control on a room-by-room basis.

  • For precise individual room temperature control
  • Whisper-quiet thanks to the high-quality stepper motor
  • Punch down connectors for faster wiring
  • Compatible with many popular valves (adapters available)
  • Available in Tree & Air

Water Sensor

The battery-operated water sensor warns about leaking water and thus helps to prevent major water damage.

  • Warns immediately when water is detected
  • Perfect for utility rooms, basements, etc.
  • Place anywhere thanks to innovative Loxone Air Technology



The Intercom enables you to see who’s at the front door from where you are in the world.

  • Timeless, elegant design with real glass satin-finish surface
  • Mobile face-to-face communication – with our free app you can talk to the guest at your door, no matter where you are.
  • HD camera with a 120° viewing angle and a UV coating

Door & Window Contact

The battery-powered Door & Window Contact Air quickly and reliably detects open or closed windows and doors.

  • Simple implementation of safety and energy-saving features
  • Unobtrusive design – available in White and Anthracite
  • Easy mounting on window and door frames
  • Wireless Loxone Air Technology built-in
  • 2-piece magnetic contact sensor

Quadral In-Ceiling 7 Speaker


The In-Ceiling 7 Speaker is the perfect built-in multiroom speaker for your home or commercial premises.

  • Perfect design
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for indoor & protected outdoor use
  • Perfectly combinable with Loxone Audioserver

Smoke Detector


The Smoke Detector with integrated Air technology ensures great safety.

  • Optical detection principle
  • For early fire detection
  • Operates autonomously
  • Includes 10 year, long-life battery

LED Spot


The LED Spot Tree offers focused warm white light and diffuse coloured light to provide an incomparable lighting experience.

  • Fire-rated to BS 476-20 (60 minutes)
  • Focused warm white light
  • Diffused RGB light
  • Low installation profile (40mm)
  • High light output
  • Long lifespan (25 years)
  • Smooth dimming curve
  • Available in White & Anthracite 

Touch/ Touch Pure

The Loxone Touch or the glass-finished Touch Pure enables comprehensive control of rooms from just one switch. 

  • Five touch points
  • Integrated temperature & humidity sensor
  • Available in Tree and Air versions
  • Available in White & Anthracite

Touch Nightlight

The Loxone Touch Nightlight is more than just a light. It’s an alarm clock, night light, ambient light source and intuitive smart switch all-in-one.

  • Wake up alarm clock fully integrated with your system
  • Integrated colour-changing light
  • Ambient light source
  • Digital display of time and outside temperature
  • Incorporates a Touch Pure for intuitive control
  • Freely positionable thanks to Loxone Air technology

Weather Station


Gives you precise measuring of localised weather.

  • Reliably measures local wind, rain, temperature and brightness
  • Accurately forecasts your local weather up to 66 hours in advance
  • Access the Loxone Weather Service data in the Loxone App 

Pendulum Slim


The Pendulum Slim stands out with sophisticated flair and unique lighting.

  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Unique lighting architecture
  • Unlimited number of applications
  • Allows for gentle dimming
  • Available in Tree & Air 
  • Available in White & Anthracite



The AquaStar Air is a modern 6-way backwash valve and enables fully automatic pool control:

  • Fully automatic control & monitoring of the pool (temperature management, circulation, backwash, rinse, etc.)
  • Remote control & monitoring via app
  • Available in 1.5″ and 2″ versions

Room Comfort Sensor


This device takes a precise measurement of temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels* – passing this information to the brain of your system to ensure the optimal room climate is achieved around the clock.

  • Measures precise temperature and humidity levels
  • Choose between free-standing or wall-mounted
  • Must-have for smart room climate control
  • Available in Tree & Air
  • Available in White & Anthracite

* CO2 monitoring only available on the Tree variant.