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RS232 (Расширение RS232 Extension)


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Блок расширения для контроллеров автоматизации со связью по внутренней коммуникационной шине. для управления устройствами с поддержкой интерфейса RS232
RS232 был создан много лет назад как фантастически надежный способ передачи данных. Вы можете найти интерфейс RS232 на многих электронных устройствах, таких как телевизоры, музыкальные системы, устройства для открывания ворот, системы вентиляции, отопления и многое, многое другое. Этими устройствами можно управлять с помощью простых команд для включения / выключения, настройки или считывания информации. Все это может работать с полными интеллектуальными возможностями вашего Минисервера!

  • 1x RS232 Интерфейс
  • Регулируемая скорость передачи данных
  • Настраиваемый формат данных
  • Настраиваемый протокол
  • Компактный дизайн для монтажа на DIN-рейку
  • Размеры 34 x 85 x 49 mm (Корпус 2 TE)
  • Питание 24В Пост. тока
  • Операционная система LoxoneOS
  • Интерфейс связи Loxone
  • Обновления через Интерфейс связи Loxone
  • Настройка через Loxone Config
  • Класс защиты: IP20
  • Соответствует требованиям RoHS
  • Соответствует стандартам EN 61000-6-2:2005, EN 61000-6-3:2007

Техническая спецификация

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Presence Sensor


A Presence Sensor is one of the most important sensors in any Loxone project.

  • Reliably detects movement & presence
  • High detection range with a detection angle of 360° horizontally and 110° vertically
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Integrated acoustic sensor
  • Available in White & Anthracite
  • Available as flush-mounted or on-ceiling 

LED Ceiling Light


With its built-in motion & brightness sensors, the LED Ceiling Light is a powerful all-rounder that can fulfil the requirement of smart lighting.

  • Timeless design housing the latest technology
  • High lumen output
  • Uniform spread of light with diffuser
  • Smooth, gentle dimming curve
  • Available in White or Anthracite

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NFC Code Touch


The perfect access control solution. The NFC Code Touch is ideal for control of your door, gate, garage and alarm.

  • Sleek & modern design
  • Access via unique codes for all users
  • Access via NFC (NFC Code Touch Air requires 24V power supply for NFC reader)
  • Issue schedule-based or one-time codes
  • Available in Tree & Air
  • Available in White & Anthracite 

Alarm Siren


The must-have addition for comprehensive, reliable burglary protection.

  • Loud alarm tone
  • Bright flashing light
  • Tamper protection
  • Visual warning
  • Quick & easy installation

Valve Actuator

The Loxone Valve Actuator enables intelligent heating control on a room-by-room basis.

  • For precise individual room temperature control
  • Whisper-quiet thanks to the high-quality stepper motor
  • Punch down connectors for faster wiring
  • Compatible with many popular valves (adapters available)
  • Available in Tree & Air

Water Sensor

The battery-operated water sensor warns about leaking water and thus helps to prevent major water damage.

  • Warns immediately when water is detected
  • Perfect for utility rooms, basements, etc.
  • Place anywhere thanks to innovative Loxone Air Technology



The Intercom enables you to see who’s at the front door from where you are in the world.

  • Timeless, elegant design with real glass satin-finish surface
  • Mobile face-to-face communication – with our free app you can talk to the guest at your door, no matter where you are.
  • HD camera with a 120° viewing angle and a UV coating

Door & Window Contact

The battery-powered Door & Window Contact Air quickly and reliably detects open or closed windows and doors.

  • Simple implementation of safety and energy-saving features
  • Unobtrusive design – available in White and Anthracite
  • Easy mounting on window and door frames
  • Wireless Loxone Air Technology built-in
  • 2-piece magnetic contact sensor

Quadral In-Ceiling 7 Speaker


The In-Ceiling 7 Speaker is the perfect built-in multiroom speaker for your home or commercial premises.

  • Perfect design
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for indoor & protected outdoor use
  • Perfectly combinable with Loxone Audioserver

Smoke Detector


The Smoke Detector with integrated Air technology ensures great safety.

  • Optical detection principle
  • For early fire detection
  • Operates autonomously
  • Includes 10 year, long-life battery

LED Spot


The LED Spot Tree offers focused warm white light and diffuse coloured light to provide an incomparable lighting experience.

  • Fire-rated to BS 476-20 (60 minutes)
  • Focused warm white light
  • Diffused RGB light
  • Low installation profile (40mm)
  • High light output
  • Long lifespan (25 years)
  • Smooth dimming curve
  • Available in White & Anthracite 

Touch/ Touch Pure

The Loxone Touch or the glass-finished Touch Pure enables comprehensive control of rooms from just one switch. 

  • Five touch points
  • Integrated temperature & humidity sensor
  • Available in Tree and Air versions
  • Available in White & Anthracite

Touch Nightlight

The Loxone Touch Nightlight is more than just a light. It’s an alarm clock, night light, ambient light source and intuitive smart switch all-in-one.

  • Wake up alarm clock fully integrated with your system
  • Integrated colour-changing light
  • Ambient light source
  • Digital display of time and outside temperature
  • Incorporates a Touch Pure for intuitive control
  • Freely positionable thanks to Loxone Air technology

Weather Station


Gives you precise measuring of localised weather.

  • Reliably measures local wind, rain, temperature and brightness
  • Accurately forecasts your local weather up to 66 hours in advance
  • Access the Loxone Weather Service data in the Loxone App 

Pendulum Slim


The Pendulum Slim stands out with sophisticated flair and unique lighting.

  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Unique lighting architecture
  • Unlimited number of applications
  • Allows for gentle dimming
  • Available in Tree & Air 
  • Available in White & Anthracite



The AquaStar Air is a modern 6-way backwash valve and enables fully automatic pool control:

  • Fully automatic control & monitoring of the pool (temperature management, circulation, backwash, rinse, etc.)
  • Remote control & monitoring via app
  • Available in 1.5″ and 2″ versions

Room Comfort Sensor


This device takes a precise measurement of temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels* – passing this information to the brain of your system to ensure the optimal room climate is achieved around the clock.

  • Measures precise temperature and humidity levels
  • Choose between free-standing or wall-mounted
  • Must-have for smart room climate control
  • Available in Tree & Air
  • Available in White & Anthracite

* CO2 monitoring only available on the Tree variant.